Over 10 Years of Outdoor Experience

I got into fishing at a really young age alongside my dad and grandfather and learning all there was to know from generations of experienced anglers. By the age of eight I was entered into my first competitive bass tournament and that is where I really got hooked. Fast forwarding several years and I have been fishing in tournaments every summer since. 

Along with tournament fishing, I started to guide at the age of 15. Over the last five years I have learned an immense amount of knowledge about the Lake of the Woods area and have had much success. Having action packed days and meeting people from all over the continent and having a blast out on the water is what I really enjoy about guiding.

History and Outlook

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own guiding company and was very pleased to announce the launch of Northwest Outfitters in 2019, offering three services to accommodate each season and operate year round. In the summer months, guided open water fishing trips in my beautiful Lund Pro-Guide. For winter months, guided ice fishing trips as well as a sleeper fish house rental available to get you out of the elements.

I recently won the “Starter Company Plus” grant from the Northwest Business Center which I was ecstatic to receive! The business center has mentored me through the process of starting and operating my company to ensure fantastic service on the water (frozen or not).