Escape the crowds and experience the tranquility, scenery, and fishing of the Canadian shield from the comfort of your very own fish house! The 4 most common species here are Walleye, Jumbo Perch, Pike, and TROPHY Lake Trout. Walleye and Perch will keep you busy and the chance at a 30"+ trout is very high!

We do things a little differently up here. When you book a spot with us, you get your own plowed private lot with enough room for you and your group on a fresh spot. Being a glacial type lake where we are fishing, spots are structure based and each structure that a spot is plowed to, will be exclusively yours to explore. The next closest group will be minimum half a mile away because of this.

In addition, you will notice we charge a little more than what you would be used to. The reason for this is, the guided experience we offer is like no other. When the fish move, we move you to stay on top of fresh schools on fresh structures if needed. Supply runs are also made daily to ensure you spend more time fishing for dinner or that fish of a lifetime.

Preserving the resource that we have here is extremely important, so a limited number of spots at any given time are availabile. Please contact for availability.

  • RATES - $USD

    3 nights - $300

    4 nights - $350

    5 nights - $400

    6 nights+ and seasonal rates available


    January 10 - March 15

    *Each season may vary by 2 weeks+- *

    Cold Canadian winters and stable ice conditions allow for a long and plentiful ice season here. Come for a few nights and escape the crowds on southern Lake of the Woods, Red Lake, etc.


    There are two requirements that allow you to fish and park your fish house in Canadian waters. Ontario fishing licenses and Crown Land Camping permits may be purchased at this link;

    Fishing License/Camping Permit 
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