The Kenora area is home to massive bodied whitetails with chocolate brown antlers. "Bush bucks" are known for the character they show on their racks and territorial attitudes during the rut.

Take in the beauty of the big woods while you sit in your ground blind over looking landscapes you wonder if anybody has ever been before. The weather can be cold and nasty but the reward can be the animal of a lifetime. We can accommodate a hunt for whatever suits you best and if you tag out early, the small game hunting and fishing will keep you entertained all week.

What to bring; - Warm clothing - Warm boots - Warm gloves - Hunters orange hat and vest -

- Backpack with hunting essentials - Knife - Firearm - Hunting license/Firearms License -


    5 NIGHTS, 5 DAYS ($USD)

    2 hunters - $4500/hunter

    3 hunters - $4200/hunter

    4 hunters - $4000/hunter

    5 hunters - $3800/hunter

    6 hunters - $3500/hunter


    Lodging for the hunt will be a camp set up consisting of our luxury Ice Castle fish houses. These units boast all the amenities of home including running water and appliances. The biggest advantage of this is the mobility allowing to move areas year after year to stay with the best deer herds.


    OCTOBER 27-31

    NOVEMBER 1-5

    NOVEMBER 6-10

    NOVEMBER 11-15

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